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"Bliss" - the book, out now.

On Sunday, November 19, we celebrated the launch of the book "Bliss”, by our very own Past President Larrie Winzar, and what a joyous event it turned out to be!  Following a morning spent enduring the heat and dust of our car parking project, a dedicated group, including Tom Dobeli, Richard Petrie, Brian Figg, and myself, welcomed the company of Val Broad, Peter and Marlene Hyett, Joy Bruce, Liz Bannon, Dianne Petrie, Ian Coates, Joan McMahon, numerous Rotarians from the cluster, some lovely "Starcatchers" from Rochester, along with friends of Rotary and other esteemed guests. The Rotary's Gateway in Kangaroo Flat Park was brimming with enthusiastic attendees.

Guided skilfully by MC Brian Figg, we delved into Larrie's multifaceted roles as a life/career coach and dedicated Rotarian.  The spotlight illuminated the collaborative collaboration between two of our valued Rotarians, yielding the creation of the book "Bliss".  Authored by the twice Past President Larrie and decorated with beautiful illustrations by the talented Kim Lowe, the book stood as a testament to the creativity within our club.

As you may know, the proceeds from the sale of "Bliss" will be dedicated to Rotary projects with the noble aim of uplifting and empowering women and girls far and wide. This commendable cause harmoniously aligns with the overarching theme of Rotary International President Gordon McInally's visionary year, "Create Hope in the World”.  It also resonates with the project focus outlined by District Governor Ron Payne for our district, D9800, specifically, “Empowering Girls and Young Women”, a cause that our Club passionately supports.

Therefore, I strongly appeal to all Rotarians to lend your support by purchasing this remarkable book.  In doing so, you not only gain a valuable literary piece, but also contribute to our collective endeavour to 'create hope in the world' and make a meaningful impact on the lives of women and girls locally and worldwide.

Rotary Club of Bendigo, President, Daniela Ionescu.

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