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Our History

A brief history of the establishment of Rotary in Bendigo

The Rotary Club of Bendigo was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Melbourne and chartered on July 30, 1925.

In turn, it has sponsored six Rotary clubs in the region: Castlemaine (1935), Echuca-Moama (1948),

Bendigo South (1959), Eaglehawk (1966), Bendigo Strathdale (1978-2020) and Bendigo Sandhurst (1988).

Initial impetus for the formation of a Rotary Club in Bendigo came from a leading business man Mr. Arthur H. Leggo.

He initiated contact with the Rotary Club Melbourne because he thought that in such a progressive town as Bendigo the concept of Rotary would further enhance its status and be an ideal avenue through which some leading citizens of Bendigo could provide “Service Above Self. He profits most who serves best.”

Consequently on March 12th 1925 there was a meeting held in the Bendigo Town Hall chaired by the Mayor of Bendigo Cr. E.Morton Vains and attended by 20 leading citizens of Bendigo for the express purpose of forming a Rotary Club.

Special visitors comprised Professor W.A. Osborne of Melbourne University, Special Commissioner in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Adelaide and West Australia and the Melbourne Rotary Club and Commissioner of Rotary International, Mr. G.E. Emery Acting President of the Rotary Club of Melbourne and Mr. W.A. Drummond, Honorary Secretary of the Melbourne Rotary Club.

first meeting.jpg

After general discussion Cr E.M Vains moved and Mr. H.M Leggo seconded a motion that a Rotary Club be formed in Bendigo.

It was only a week later on Thursday March 19th that the first luncheon meeting of the 25 charter members was held in Favaloro’s Café in Pall Mall under the chairmanship of its new President, the Mayor of Bendigo, Cr E.M Vains.

Over 20 messages of congratulations and good wishes from Rotary Clubs all over Australia were read , and a cable from Mr. Carter, Secretary of the British Rotary Club read:-Heartiest congratulations on the occasion of inaugural luncheon on behalf of 10,000 British Rotarians.

Other messages were from Sir John Monash, Sir Henry Braddon, Sir Henry Jones, Mr Warren Kerr and other prominent Rotarians.

The Rotary Club of Bendigo was officially chartered and incorporated in Rotary International as Club number 2104 on July 30th 1925 with its sponsor Club being the Rotary Club of Melbourne.

The Rotary Club of Bendigo was the 8th Rotary Club in Australia, the 2nd in Victoria and the 1st non-metropolitan Rotary Club.

In its first year of existence the Club increased membership to 30 active members, held 45 luncheon meetings at Favaloro’s and seven at the Hotel Shamrock and had diverse, educational and entertaining presentations from its guest speakers.

Histories of Past Presidents

Compiled by Rotarian John Krakowiak

President Graeme Clarke 2020-21

President Michael Pearson 2019-20


President Libby Hughes 2018-19

President Val Broad 2017-18

President Glenn Reilly 2016-17

President Larrie Winzar 2015-16

President Rod McDonald 2014-15

President Tom Seddon 2013-14

President Brian Figg 2012-13

President Wayne Smith 2011-12

President John Gallagher 2010-11

President Andrew Hampton 2009-10

President Noel Hobley 2008-09

President Hugh Wheeler 2007-08

President John Krakowiak 2006-07

President Malcolm Andrew 2005-06

President Jane McLean 2004-05

President Colin Burns 2003-04

President Brian Doherty 2002-03

President Ian Monotti 2001-02

President Larrie Winzar 2000-01


President Garry Gunnell 1999-00

President Colin Nankervis 1998-99

President Geoff McLeod 1997-98

President Ron Poyser 1996-97

President Kevin Reilly 1995-96

President Hugh Wheeler 1994-95

President Brian Kinross 1993-94

President Bryan McMahon 1992-93

President David Brown 1991-92


President Norm Phillips 1990-91

President Bill Gray 1989-90

President Ted Rankins 1988-89

President Val Moyle 1986-87

President Denis Potter 1984-85


President Des Samson 1983-84

President Ray Paulsen 1982-83

President Darryl Watts 1980-81


President Ron Slattery 1979-80

President John Cartwright 1978-79

President Murray Adams 1976-77

President Warren Cambridge 1975-76

President Leigh Williamson 1974-75

President Dallas Martin 1970-1971

President Warrick Johanson 1968-69

President Clark Jeffrey 1966-67

President E M Monotti 1964-65

President Hal Moors 1959-60

President Rae Campagnolo 1958-59

President Tom B Keith 1957-58

President Reg Brock 1956-57

President Ken Hesse 1955-56

President Charles W Baker 1954-55

President Robert Hugh Trethewey 1953-54

President Earnest A Cambridge 1952-53

President Norman J Oliver 1951-52

President Ernest F Granger 1950-51

President John Barton 1949-50

President Albert Hedley Jones 1948-49

President Bert Mundy 1947-48

President Eric Biggs 1946-47

President George Albert Pethard 1945-46

President Ern B Pederick 1944-45

President Arthur Davis 1943-44

President George Hibberd 1942-43

President Len Dungey 1941-42

President William Draper 1940-41

President Harry Wright 1939-40

President Tom McNaught 1938-39

President Oriel Vere Morris 1937-38

President G Long 1936-37*

President Godfrey Eathorne 1935-36

President George Victor Lansell 1934-35

President Arthur L. Bolton 1933-34

President Frank Levy 1932-33

President Warren Tredinnick 1931-32

President Warren Tredinnick 1930-31

President John Jeffrey 1929-30

President Oscar Flight 1928-29

President Dr William John Long 1927-28

President Michael Guidice 1926-27

Our First President Ernest Vains 1925-26

Our first 90 years

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