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Weekly Meetings

Come Along to a Meeting...

Our meetings are friendly, welcoming, informative and enjoyable. 


Each week we hear progress reports from current projects, present donations to project recipients and hear from interesting Guest Speakers.  

Club Members are encouraged to attend meetings when they can, with attendees averaging around 30-40 members attending per meeting.  


When are Meetings Held?

When           Each Tuesday 

What Time    12.45pm for a 1.00pm start

Duration       1 hour

Come along to our Meetings at:

The Bendigo Club

22 Park Street, Strathdale

(meal prices around $15-20)

From time to time our Club will meet of an evening to enjoy a themed meal, a vocational visit or another event.  This event usually replaces our weekly Tuesday meeting.

Speakers Program

Most Tuesday lunchtime meetings, we welcome along a Guest Speaker. 


View our Guest Speakers Program.

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