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Birthday Bags Supporting Bendigo Families

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Are you keen to get involved with a heartwarming, grass roots program that supports Bendigo families in need...? Well our Birthday Bags Program may be of interest to you.

Members of our Club handmake these beautiful bags and fills them with all the Green's Baking Australia mix ingredients needed to make a beautiful birthday cake, along with plates, candles and plastic cutlery to enjoy the spoils. These bags are then donated to Bendigo Community Health - Child and Family Services teams to support those families who might not be able to afford a birthday celebration. The idea for the bags came after a Rotary International member saw a young boy ask his mother what was happening at the next table where a family was celebrating a birthday. The mother explained the family couldn't afford to celebrate birthdays so the little boy had never had a cake.

Our Community Service Committee saw this as an opportunity to create yet another project to ensure families in need don't get forgotten.

You can get involved by offering to saw some birthday bags, donating items for making a birthday cake or donating some money to purchase plates, candles and other goodies to make a birthday special.

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