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Rochester Men Enjoy Day Out in Shepparton

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Sponsored by Rotary Bendigo and fully supported by members of Rotary Rochester, a group of Rochester men recently enjoyed an outing designed as a diversion from the ongoing and unwished-for chores post the major flooding that occurred in October 2022.

Travelling in the Rotary Rochester Community Bus (a vehicle obtained for community use after the January 2012 floods), the group enjoyed a day touring the rural sights and attractions of the Goulburn Valley. The route to Shepparton included the northern sector of the renowned Heathcote Ridge wine-growing region. The opener to a day of social interaction was an enjoyable coffee break at the Colbinabbin General Store. Taking in the rural views of cropping and grazing en route to Shepparton, the major stop for the day was at MOVE, broadly known as the Shepparton Truck Museum. A leisurely wander around the varied displays in the complex followed a most informative talk by volunteers at the centre on how MOVE evolved into the attraction it has become. The interaction at lunch, with old and new friends, was an example of how appreciative all the men were of the opportunity to get out of Rochester for the day: some men conceding that this was the first time that they had been on an outing of any type since October 2022. The chatter on the return to Rochester in the later afternoon was further testimony of the success of the event which provided an opportunity for the town’s menfolk to come together to debrief on a social day including ongoing plans to catch up in the coming weeks and to check in on fellow residents affected in ways similar to themselves. Rotary Rochester members thank everyone for their support and involvement for the day. Following the success of the inaugural outing, it is planned that the Men’s Day Out continues as a regular “must attend” event on the community calendar. Men of all ages will have an opportunity to enjoy a Get out of Town For the Day where they can share a carefree day of socialising, friendship and supporting each other. Keeping the community’s “can-do spirit” front and centre will continue to unite and support those who are still in need of a distraction from the impacts of the floods. Author: President Bryan Griffiths, Rotary Rochester

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